Leon Ross started working in the oilfield in the 60’s as a “rough neck” and worked his way to the top. After marrying his wife, Teri, and purchasing their second home, they realized that it was almost impossible to find someone to drill their water well. In 1974 Leon and Teri purchased an old cable tool rig and drilled their own. They were so successful that they decided to start their own water well drilling business. In 1976, they expanded their business and began working in the oilfield. With Leon’s determination, great work ethic, and extensive knowledge about drilling they have excelled to one of the best in the drilling industry.They have expanded from Utah to Arizona, North Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Colorado. We have a variety of drilling rigs to accommodate any formation or drilling project. We have an exceptional safety record with upstanding employees. We are licensed,bonded and insured.