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Water wells must be inspected on a regular basis to guarantee proper operation, usability, and safety. These analyses can reveal serious problems with poor water quality and health hazards.

As a result, a qualified or certified water well systems specialist should inspect your well at least once or twice every year.


Keep an eye out for warning indications that your system isn't working correctly in between well inspections. If you observe any of the following, call Leon Ross Drilling as soon as possible to schedule an inspection of your well:

- The hue of your water has changed.
- In the water, there is sand or silt.
- Your water has a bad odor to it.
- Air comes out of the faucets
- Water pressure is low.

Additionally, every time your private well is serviced, the surrounding area is flooded or disturbed, or you hear that a neighbor's system is polluted, you should schedule a professional examination.

If you're buying a house with a well, you'll want to test the water first. Because not all states require current homeowners to examine their wells before selling, always make sure the water is safe to drink before purchasing a property.

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